Today the contents are expected to be presented in multimedia format, in presence or on demand.
 It means that our contents should be presented according to didactic communication methodology and good practices, in order to make the understanding as easy as possible for our students .
 Live presentations and didactic videos should be made and published according to specific methods. Our reflection about it is as follows:

Thinking about Y.O.U. to make your presentation.  (7m11)
Commented by Prof. António dos Reis.

Thinking about Y.O.U. about your didactic videos (6m25)
Let us reflect about it. Comments by Prof. António dos Reis.

Thinking about Y.O.U   about your didactic presentations and videos (14m10)

A reflection about the use of presentations and didactic videos by Prof. Xabier Basogain (Basque Country University)

How to make a basic didactic video from your presentation